Safety Warning

All the information on this web site is for your interest only and is not intended for you to self medicate.

If you are interested in using Plant Medicine it is safest to consult a Qualified Medical Herbalist. Many plants have poisonous properties so I always advise people not to touch or pick plants unless you are 100% sure you know what they are and that they are safe to touch.

Qualified Medical Herbalists have done a four year course in Herbal medicine, studying, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, differential diagnosis and materia medica. In the last two years of the course they have to gain 500 hours of clinical experience under the experienced eye of a qualified practitioner, before they take their final Exams.

The mixtures and doses I give as examples in my write ups are ones I use in my clinic and are taken by my patients under my supervision.

However I want you to enjoy looking at plants on my herb walks and hope you will learn about and be fascinated by the plants which were our original medicines and from which many orthodox medicines have been derived.

Finally, if you are planning to purchase tincture, please note:

If you are buying a tincture over the counter or from the internet it is essential you understand the different strengths of tincture being sold.

They vary from very strong, called 1:1 which are prepared with one part of herb to one part of an alcohol and water mixture to 1:20 which is one part of herb to 20 parts of an alcohol and water mixture. A normal strength tincture is usually 1:5.

Linda Bostock

Medical Herbalist Dip. Phyt.


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