Herbal Health Information on Stretch Marks/Scarring

One of my daughter’s friends had a baby recently and apart from the usual “congratulations it’s a girl” card I gave her a lump of pure Cocoa Butter.

When I had a shop in Slough, the West Indian Ladies used to come and tell me great tales of folk medicine in the West Indies and the Bush teas their mothers and grandmothers made. They also told me about Cocoa Butter which they said was the best thing for clearing up any scarring of the skin and keeping the skin supple.

Since then I have told every pregnant person to rub Cocoa butter on their tummies and to use it after the birth of the baby to help the wrinkly tummy skin return to normal.

Cocoa Butter in its natural form is a creamy coloured solid at room temperature. When you rub it on your skin, the warmth of the body melts it and you can spread it all around quite easily.

I stock it in my clinic or you may be able to buy it on the internet.

That’s all that needs saying on that subject. Nice and easy.

Linda Bostock

Medical Herbalist/Herbal Health Information