Herbal Health Information on Pellitory of the Wall (Parietaria Diffusa)

I found this on a walk in Pevensey Castle growing on the walls.

Pellitory of the Wall, Pevensey

Pellitory is rich in Sulphur, Calcium, Potassium, and other trace minerals.

It has a soothing diuretic action on the urinary system but the clever bit is it is also a stone solvent.

A few years ago I had a patient come to me with her kidney X-rays and pointed out a stone she had in her Kidney. She did not want to have an operation immediately, but wanted to try Herbal Medicine to dissolve the stone.

I saw her over a period of six months, over which time I gave her a mixture of herbs in tincture form, two of which were Pellitory and Stone Root (Collinsonia Canadensis).

I was expecting her to complain bitterly as passing gravel from dissolving stones is apparently very painful and can cause damage to the tubes of the urinary system when it is passing through.

She never complained about pain on passing urine but said she steadily felt better with an improved urine flow over the months she was taking the herbal tincture.

At the end of the six months she had another Kidney X-ray, which showed the stone had completely dissolved and been passed out of the system.

We were both very happy people!!

Linda Bostock

Medical Herbalist Dip. Phyt.