Herbal Health Information for Atherosclerosis or Hardened Arteries

Before I write anything about this, I’m going to say PLEASE don’t try to self medicate on this one. This needs proper diagnosis and possibly orthodox treatment.

This is for your interest only and if you would like to try herbs to clear fatty arteries then consult a qualified Medical Herbalist. The dietary and exercise advise is relevant to keeping your body in good health at any time.

Atherosclerosis describes the hardening process which takes place due to fatty and mineral deposits attaching themselves to the walls of the arteries.

Diet plays the most important factor in trying to improve arterial health and therefore circulation.

The good old fashioned “sensible” diet is definitely the one to go for.

Complex carbohydrates, such as fruit and veg and wholegrain cereals.

Lean meat

Oily Fish

Polyunsaturated oils and Olive oil

Lots of Garlic and Onions


An example of a day’s menu could be:-

BREAKFAST;- muesli or fruit or wholegrain cereals/ semi-skimmed milk/ fruit juice

LUNCH:-  tinned  tuna   and salad or Baked potato with low fat Cole slaw or sandwich made with wholemeal bread and a sunflower or olive oil margarine. Fruit

DINNER: – lean cooked meat of any sort. Remember lamb and pork tend to have a bit more fat. Any vegetables you like and as much as you like. Try to get out of the habit of having pudding.

Drink plenty of water during the day and no more than three cups of tea or coffee, preferably decaff.

You know I am now going to say EXERCISE!

No you do not have to be Mr or Mrs Super fit of the year but you do need to be exercising regularly.

20 minutes of walking a day or swimming twice a week or a dance class or whatever takes your fancy within your capabilities.  If you are less mobile then ask for some help from your Doctor who should be able to get you on to an exercise programme suitable for your ability. Many hospitals run exercise classes specifically to improve heart and circulation health.

The herbs commonly used to improve arterial health are

  • Garlic:- this lowers cholesterol in the blood preventing a build up of cholesterol and also helps clear fat accumulating in blood vessels
  • Hawthorn:- as I have said in the description of hawthorn it is  a positive heart restorative and  is a cholesterol and mineral solvent
  • Lime Flower:-amongst all the other wonderful things it can do Lime flower has anti coagulant properties thus helping the blood to stay fluid in the arteries and not giving the cholesterol a chance to stick to the walls. It is also known to help dissolve fatty plaques in the arteries. It makes a delicious tea which has no caffeine and is very low in tannin.

So that is some good advice to try and keep your arteries in good shape. It isn’t too difficult to do and I have very often had feedback from patients who have had to make life style changes to say they have found it hard to make the change, but had got used to their new regimes, quickly and now would not change back.

Linda Bostock

Medical Herbalist/Herbal Health Information

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