Listen To Your Body

Our bodies are in a constant balancing act to maintain something called homeostasis. Homoeostasis is the correct balance of our internal body chemistry. To achieve this we have to provide ourselves with the right ingredients for all these chemical reactions to take place and that means eating and drinking a very well balanced diet.

You may think that the food cravings and odd fads we get are just quirks but I think the body knows best and we need to be more in tune with the messages it sends us.

Also it is easy to change and retrain the things that we think we are used to.

Let’s start with chocolate because it is most peoples favourite.

Chocolate craving is not as mad and bad as it sounds; chocolate has some very good properties. It is high in iron and also has a serotonin (antidepressant neurotransmitter) like action on the brain. But a chocolate bar also has lots of sugar so it is not a good idea to eat it in large amounts. A handful of dried apricots (unsulphred) will provide iron so these are a good substitute if you are craving chocolate and a walk in the fresh air will improve our feeling of well being.

People will often crave strange foods especially during pregnancy. It is the body’s way of saying it is lacking something and needs a bit of help. It is worth taking a little time to sit and think if you have been eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, relaxing and sleeping well.

Look at the food you are craving and research what it is in that food substance that you may need. You will probably be able to eat a more healthy combination of foods that will stop the craving.

There is also the possibility that the digestive system is not working efficiently for whatever reason and although you are eating a sensible diet you are not digesting and absorbing the food well. Try a little live yogurt everyday for a few days to improve gut bacteria which play a part in digestion. I do not recommend taking it for too long as there is a possibility that you will disturb the balance of the gut flora (bacteria) by putting too much “good” bacteria in there.

The message is a simple one…listen to the messages your body is sending you.

Eat a sensible diet

Drink water, not too much caffeine containing drinks


Relax/take time for yourself

Sleep a reasonable number of hours.

Have fun

If you have your health everything else is possible.

Linda Bostock

Medical herbalist